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Author KlanKaos
Tags author:klankaos meteoriteattack race rated
Created 2009-05-06
Last Modified 2009-05-06
by 14 people.
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Description Another race, hopefully I'm getting better. The flow in this one should be far more obvious, I constructed it with that in mind. Anyways, ECR! =)

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good race

standard. 3.5. improvised after screwing up at the end there :p
Demo Data
i think the gold after the thwumps was a tad too unreliable with the timing...
I've never had a problem with the timing of them.


the thwump part wasn't timed perfectly. other than that, three ish.

It is decent

But the thwump part bothers me, unlike PALEMOOON I see ^^.
Because it isn't really up to the player to decide if that goes well or not, It's more about luck.
Furthermore, the aesthetics were quite dull.

But the rest was great though ^^ 3/5. This is not because you rated my race 3 too, just so you know ^^
I hate revenges hehe ^^

And now, I came here to ask something about MoA, are we going to make that userlevel part in it as well.
(with races, DDA's, N-arts and stuff)
If we do, I've got something nice in the making. *cough* art *cough* ^^


pretty lacklustre. 2.5 rounded up.


and my vote just got it up to 5 ninjas.


this is great.
although you could work a bit on the tiles.
for the rest i love it : )


Also, thanks for the link.


frame agd. 200.175

Broken demo.

I spy one.


Demo Data

I posted a million times, but I got the demo I wanted, pretty decent agd, probably improvable by a few frames


I jump off the thwumps. It's more easily controlled. See the demo.
Demo Data

sub 900

agd on nreality. 5/5


apparently you can go too fast
Demo Data

there, slightly faster, but still improvable, and its also an agd

O_O not the best looking map, but one of the best used tiles and enemies in a race, most definately, faved, and speedrun on nreality, but I clipped my foot the last area, so its still improvable, good work!


My only complaints are that the gold at the part with the thwumps is hard to get (I keep on missing a few pieces) and the end wasn't really great.
Demo Data


the whole thing was awesomtastic
Demo Data

Thanks PALEMOON =)

By the way, the tiles were totally inspired by Dragon Spiral, totally forgot to mention that.


i thought the whole left side with the thwumps was awesometastic!
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