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Author spoof
Tags action author:spoof medium-hard playable rated rooms tunnels
Created 2009-05-07
Last Modified 2009-05-07
by 11 people.
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Description Small wait time, but I like the concept.

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is great 5/5 check out my maps at


i should ask people, did the six maps before this give 'polished gameplay and innovation'?
I don't care if it's been done before, it's good initiative to start off with something like this and refine several small gameplay areas. At least to start off with. It's promising, but you've got to make sure your maps keep offering polished gameplay and innovation.

And I like the cheatableness. It's fun :)

Good point..

The four rooms themselves, in my opinion, seem unique (at least on the right side) but i understand.

Also, if it wasnt rated, id change it now to make a 'mine field' in the middle area. Hopefully that makes the map nearly uncheatable and a little more aesthetically appealing...


the 'concept' is 4 rooms, each with a different kind of enemy in it. this is, i am sure, the oldest and most boring concept ever employed in an N map. you find this concept in the original N userlevels, and nowadays mostly in 'nooby' maps.

the innovation of this map is the one-way paths inbetween the rooms, combined with the laser. unfortunately though, as has been pointed out, the whole one-way thing is heavily cheatable.

so what's left of this map that is worthy of a 5/5? right - nothing.


uncomplicate the thwump room to make this more enjoyable.. rest is pretty good..
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I'm truly agree with WordBlamCreator, it is awesome but it's cheatable. You can fix it easily, when you watch my demo, you will see why it's cheatable. There is a bug with oneways, you can fix this bug by putting mines on corners. If you want, i can fix it.

Cheaty demo:
Demo Data


I don't care how cheatable it is. Awesome map.

I'm confidant

that you know how cheatable this map is, but when done properly this is an AWSOME map.