Temple Of Rock-et, Music Room

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Author Alex777
Tags action author:alex777 beatable fun mapdraft3 playable unrated
Created 2009-05-10
Last Modified 2009-05-10
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description For the MAPDRAFT. (Packs I used have a * next to them.

5 Locked Doors
2 Trap Doors
4 Normal Doors

*(Music to our souls - by Erik-Player*
Your map must resemble anything concerning music.

*(Quality over Quantity)*
X Tiles of your choice, where X is the total number of Tiles in your Booster pack.

*(Jamal's Revenge - by sidke)*
1 Chain Gun OR 10 Gold
10 Gold OR 1 Rocket
1 Rocket OR 3 Locked Doors
5 'E' Tiles
10 'Five' Tiles


*(One Of Us Is Not Like The Others)*
19 Gold
1 Mine

(Perpetual Change - by KinGAleX)
Your map must have some conceptual element of change in it, such as increasing difficulty or widening paths. If your specific concept is too abstract to be obviously realised, talk about it in your map description.

(Punji Collection)
40 'Five' Tiles
15 total 'Three' and/or 'Two' Tiles

(Run Like Hell)
1 'E' Tile
4 Chain Gun Drones
10 Gold
2 Locked Doors

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It's not bad, but not good either


karma has said he doesn't want you advertising maps on his maps. Not only did he say that, but what he said about the map I entirely agree with. (except for the music note of gold in the middle.)

Learn to take criticism and work with it, rather than firing back with some retort. That makes you look more noobish than he does.

Unless I'm missing some comment that was deleted earlier by another moderator, keep your temper down, please.

NUMA Moderator

you took the easiest packs and made something bad out of it. Also, there's nothing that resembles music, and the gameplay is way below average. And don't flaunt your maps on my maps please, I'll play what I want...

Way slower agd XD

Damn you exuberance
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