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Author Slacker_2_0
Tags author:slacker_2_0 bouncepads dda lazer rated
Created 2009-05-11
Last Modified 2009-05-11
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description a dda with 31 lazors and many bounce pads.

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glad to hear some good news after a day at work
because it's considered very good by most people. I still liked it but the plot is very confusing at the best of times. Also, great to here you like my maps. I enjoy yours as well. I'll get through the some more soon. Also, I asked someone to take a look at this one so you should have a rate soon.


and ive seen death note and neon genesis evanglion but the latter i didnt really like the ending it was really weird.


thanks a lot
I suggest:
Gun Grave
Death Note
Neon Genesis Evangelion

All favourites of mine, in no particular order.

That was so cool.

It actually looked so awesome. Thanks again. Great job on this one. 5aved. I'll ask someone to give you that last vote 2morrow since this map deserves it. I think less people saw this b/c tbqh it looks pretty noobish from the thumb. But it is amazing to watch!!! :D


i suppose that i wont get this one rated o well at least its still a 5 thanks to all who rated



to try to make a longer one with more lazors