Two Maps, One Demo: A

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Author spoof
Tags author:spoof hard playable puzzle think timing unrated
Created 2009-05-21
Last Modified 2009-07-01
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Description Here is the concept: This pair of maps are similar, but have obvious differences. The challenge is to create a demo that will complete both of these levels. You'll need to look at both maps and determine how you must move through each area, definetly time consuming:)

P.S. if easier you can open two N Game's to transfer demos faster(my cpu doesnt lag with it anyways).

Here is the other map, Two Maps, One Demo B []

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Thanks sayko ;D

Concept is really hard to me... Gratz to you and patient kyozo_43!
Your analysis skills are great, guys!

3,5/5 rounded up

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As for the ...

Concept demo ...

Here it is :D (is there a prize?)
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easy ^^

very good
it would better suit a more simple map. Still I'm gonna give it a go I'll be posting demos on the other map :)

For example,

this demo works for the top right section of both maps.

RCE please, and demos of portions are fine too!
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