Two Maps, One Demo: B

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Author spoof
Tags author:spoof hard playable puzzle rated think timing
Created 2009-05-21
Last Modified 2009-07-01
by 5 people.
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Description Here is the concept: This pair of maps are similar, but have obvious differences. The challenge is to create a demo that will complete both of these levels. You'll need to look at both maps and determine how you must move through each area, definetly time consuming:)

P.S. if easier you can open two N Game's to transfer demos faster(my cpu doesnt lag with it anyways).

Hint: The middle area allows you to realign each demo's N (by moving against the wall with the one-ways)

Here is the first map, Two Maps, One Demo A []

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As for the ...

Concept demo ...

Here it is :D (is there a prize?)
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Demo Data


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Looks - 4/5
Gameplay - 3/5
Total - 7/10 = 3.5/5^
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ha nice chime

not sure what your were trying to do in the top right corner there, i had just memerized where each piece was there... that was the area i refered to most in my hint in the description.

Here's one

which is a completion for map B and does everything but reach the door for map A very close check it out. Anyway got to go to lunch now but I will try again later.
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almost had it.

i edited the map very carefully. i got the bottome left and top right.
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haha Gods_Reaper

that looked like an easy agd there on map B, map A you ran straight into the first mine lol. you didnt go for it did ya lol.

i have the whole left side down on both maps here (not agd)
Demo Data


Demo Data
but then the thing froze before i got the demo =P
both maps are 5aved cuz i think this idea is great!
i have a concept coming up... but its taking a while =P