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Author MaTTy-BoY
Tags action author:matty-boy fun playable unrated
Created 2009-05-24
Last Modified 2009-05-24
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Description Hey everyone, this is my first map. Actually, that's somewhat of a lie, lol. I've been making maps for a bit now, but I finally decided to start posting some on numa. So here's the first one I'm sharing, enjoy :D


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yes, yes it is :D

is that


can someone

explain why multiple posts are a bad thing?
i like rating new people's maps so feel free to post on one of mine when you come out with new maps
but that's a better issue to have than others that new mappers have. very pro for a first map


thanks for

the demos and welcomes everyone. And Lightning, I can see what you're saying about it maybe being too crowded in some spots, but if you watch my demo those spots aren't too hard to bypass
And, this is a decent first map, but by far not even close to the best first I've seen. I think you overdid it with the floorguards, especially in the top right, with the rocket and gauss. I'm not going to rate, but if I did, it would be a 2.5^
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Sub 320

Demo Data


Decent demo I think.
Demo Data

Faster again

Enjoy NUMA!
Demo Data
Faster. Look out for the pro speedrunner Meta_Ing ^^
Demo Data

welcome to NUMA!

enjoy your stay here!


Demo Data

I have to say

This is probably the best first map I have seen so far, great job. I think it isn't a lie, because you never had feedback from us before, so it's awesome.

Here's a slowish speedrun:
Demo Data


not an agd but close enough
Demo Data

thanks man.

I appreciate the compliment :)


You are very talented my friend. I see alot of great maps in your future.