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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque unrated
Created 2009-05-24
Last Modified 2009-05-25
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Description Another simple-challenge-esque map, since teraza's been begging me to make one for a while now.

You need to pull off a quadruple bounceblock side jump in order to beat this. Once you attempt it, the title should make sense.

Good luck. Try to do it non-fbf if you can. My next map will be dedicated to all those who manage to put a demo up on NReality.

*You can still get the ded after the map has been posted.

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I'm a fan of the challenge you make they're brilliant. I didn't know that a quadriple bbwj was possible.
I've just a little question for you, is a triple bbj (not wj) easy for you in normal mode? In Fbf it's easy but i want to insert it in one of my map and want to know if it's really hard to do it.
You can answer on one of my maps ^^

Beat kryX

Demo Data


That's a triple.

Is this a triple?

Demo Data

Not as fast as kryX

Surprise surprise. >_>
Demo Data


Just for you.
Demo Data


A demo

My arm hurt after this.
Demo Data