Trash II

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Author blackwhite
Tags author:blackwhite playable rated
Created 2009-05-24
Last Modified 2009-05-24
by 6 people.
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the tiles were okay, I liked the little details here and there, like the hr bounceblock part, only got 1 frame to get it, and the (even though reallllyyy ugly compared to the map) trapdoor vs. gold thing, so overall, nice use of certain concepts, but it was an ugle finish, plus I believe it's cheatable... unless intended, I'm sure you knew this was possible
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this map

literally makes me angry. there is the rocket section with its flow, its well-thought out object placement and perfect gameplay, there's the gauss tower with its excitement, fun and extremely fast pace, and then... there's this horribly clumsy, ugly, good-for-nothing middle shaft you have to climb up, ruining your fast attempt at an AGD 49 out of 50 times.

this map is 2/3 flawless and 1/3 very poor. rounded up, you end up at 4, which is what i'm gonna rate.

this is the fastest i was able to come up with. i pressed 'K' about 300 times.
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glad you like it

i thought

the start sucked horribly, but the rest was extremely fun and adventurous.