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Author nnds
Tags author:nnds nnds nreality rated tiledrone trigger
Created 2009-05-28
Last Modified 2009-06-12
by 12 people.
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Description This is a Trigger-Tiledrone, Rotating-Laser, Crazy-Mine and Rocky-Seeker Mod-Map ^^ So you need nreality :P
The map will change while you play. This was hard work... belive me.
I hope you like it and pls comment and rate it (!)

This is a tiledrone that i use:
At first you have to fix the walk-way of the drone. (Walkcode)
Write an U and the drone move one field up,
D -> Down
L -> Left
R -> Right
After the last Right-move the drone will do the same again.
Ok now your drone is moving. Then you have to fil in the Tilecode for the thing that the drone will place.
In Nreality helper is a index for all tiles-code.
The Tilecode will be also loop.
Ok now your drone is working and if you like to add a trigger:
To add "Trigger" to a door switch, append
^startTriggers(separated by "."),stopTriggers(separated by ".") to the door switch object (which starts with 9^ )

To make the object triggerable, append
^^waitForTrigger,startTriggers(separated by "."),stopTriggers(separated by ".")

For an example, the first line of drones can be started by the triggerID 1, and can be stopped by trigger ID 2
so their codes are

The door switch which starts it has the code of
and the door switch which stops it has the code of
I have learned everything of nreality-mods with "Trial and error" nobody has explained that to me ^^

klick mich(1) []
klick mich(2) []
klick mich(3) []


For the one, who played the first part:
I have cleand up (the tileset) and add some new thinks.

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Cool map
one of the best nrealitys I've seen. I didn't like the rocky drone but all the others mods were really well used especially the tile drones I've been wanting to get into nreality for a while maybe this encourages me its worth the effort.

Ha ha ha xD

No, daddy no! I died :(
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Here is my best replay:
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Thanks allloooootttttttt!! I'll get started asap, tonight and tomorrow isn't so great for me, I'll do it when I have the time.

I also learned everything from trial and error, but I didn't understand the tilecode part, so thanks for that :D

Karma should

watch out or your going to replace him... 5/5

Nice ideas

But too cramped. The mines at the beginning are really annoying, they make it too difficult to get to the interesting bits. Plus, you need more gold in those cramped areas, as I ran out of time on userlevels.


I have slow down the floating mine, now a AGD is more possible.


Only thing was I agree with Frekish, the floating mine kinda creeped me out when it kept following me. But I can tell that a lot of work went into this, and it was incredibly fun to play, so good job. :D

pls rate ^^


yea, its an very intresting map but after you hit the second to last door key/trigger the rocky drone seem kinda awkward, because it doesnt really have a place to go.
but intresting indeed.
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agd death

i like this idea
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