Squibbles in a Dress (I'M LEAVING NUMA)

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Author squibbles
Tags author:squibbles dada last-map n-art rated
Created 2009-05-30
Last Modified 2010-01-03
by 22 people.
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Description <squibbles> all the maps that have been featured look the same
<squibbles> or at least they do to me
<squibbles> none of them interest me
<squibbles> I haven't played a map and enjoyed it in a long time
<squibbles> Everything is so generic
<squibbles> eurgh
<@Lenny> Hmm.
<@Lenny> I just havne't played that many maps.
<squibbles> ah, shit. I'm quitting from map making/playing
<squibbles> I'll finish mapping for MotA, but then I'm done

<squibbles> I hate the fact that if someone tried to do something different from the norm, they would get shot down for it
<squibbles> Imagine how people would react if I went to the mall in womens clothing
<@Lenny> why would you?
<squibbles> why not?
<squibbles> can you give me one reason why not, other then social expectations?

(Discussion as to the comfortabillity of womens clothing)

<squibbles> despite the fact that its probably the most interesting and engaging thing people would see in the whole day, I would get shunned
<squibbles> and thats what I want in maps
<squibbles> something that defies expectations and discusts people, despite being interesting and engaging

<squibbles> Ok, its official, I'm going out with a dada map.

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At least make it a nice looking dress. And add some makeup, for godsake. My point is that while this is different, it looks as if you've put no effort in. There are plenty of ways you could have made this map different, unique and amazing without making it horribly ugly. Still, I totally agree with your description, so 5aved.

about the other map

sorry, the thumbnail is unavailible on that computer, so i didnt see the map =P NR but still faved.

about this map... this map is a perfect map to end on. it just SEETHES with the anger and the non-desire to map that you (and others) feel. its a very fun map to play... an experts touch on a beginners map =D

1. So that I can get better at map-making; you know, criticism.
2. It still feels good to get feedback from other members, without going to the trouble of PMing everyone for feedback on a separate website (the forums).
3. It's something to do, checking up on NUMA every once in a while. People comment more on new maps on the hot maps page. That's not a very big reason, though.

I don't care much about ratings.


a good argument agains all you ppl who suggest mapping for yourself; NOBODY ON NUMA IS MAPPING FOR THEMSELVES
if they were, they'd just make a userlevels file with all their good levels. The only reason NUMA exists is so we can show off our maps to others, and if your style isn't appreciated, NUMA is pointless.
One thing that's not average is the looks. Even noobs don't spam 1 and 8 tiles like that ;p
Yeah, im more numa-oriented now. I still post on the forums occasionally, but fairly infrequently.


I never really had time to do it at all...I didn't realise how time consuming it'd be. :/

Unless you mean peripheral, in which case I think it died about a month ago anyway.

so i guess

your collab project is off then?
My point was that if you always approach it from the perspective of "What will other people like?" then you will always have the idea that it's work you do to please others, and the negativity of that will grow on you. If you just map for yourself, you will (probably) see it's something you yourself like as well, and you'll approach it with a much more positive attitude. At least, I found that to be true.


Then why not give mapping for yourself a try? No need for a mapper like yourself to leave based on a hypothetical reaction to something you haven't done yet. Also, this is sort of related to what eganic said earlier, but if you just map for yourself, you will probably find that (for example) making a map look nice is something you do for yourself, 'cuz you like your map to look nice. Additionally, it helps your map get attention from others.

Also, IMO this community, like many others (facebook for example), is whatever you make of it. If you want it to be your social fun time, there's lots of that to go around (especially on the forums & irc). If you just want to enjoy creative mapping and/or competitive highscoring, then don't worry about all that other crap. I certainly don't.

The problem with that argument is that very few of my maps are rated under 4. :/

It was not so much mapping for others, but rather mapping for approval. I guess it's still for me, but it wasn't what I wanted.


If you have the maturity to map for yourself, then you enjoy what you do. That's really what it comes down to, IMO. It does make it much less interesting if all your stuff is getting shot down, but is that really the case? Actually, it seems to me like you're not being true to yourself here. You say you've never mapped for yourself, but at the same time you talk like you HAVE been mapping for yourself and no one likes it. :\

As for the women's clothing thing, I think what would prevent most people from doing it is the lack of interest. What, precisely, is the benefit of running around in women's clothing? Most people whould respond, "There is none." If you find a benefit in it for yourself, be my guest. I mean, seriously.


I'm only just back and you're gone... :((

If you EVER want to collab, and trust me it'll be different, then message me, eh?



;-] I know you well, sir

Of course.

You know me T3. :S

attention hog

hog hog hog :[

You left as soon

as you figured out what mapping was all about. That's pretty sad. =(


I never mapped for the comunity... I did it for myself...
but I used to make art for glory and renown... by the end I gave no crap what people thought of it... I did it for my own enjoyment.
There's one teleporter-infested level by UndeadPie up that's doing OK. I haven't played it yet, but cool things can be done on MotA if they're done well.


This level is basically bad ass.
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Yeah, probably right about MotA.
Thanks man. :)

I'm with you 99.9%

The only .1% I'm not with is the leaving. I agree with absolutely everything else you say.
For NUMA, I have only made maps according to what -I- like. I listen to the community's criticism, try it out, and see if -I- prefer it that way. If not, I ignore it.
Keep posting your maps on NUMA, but just ignore what everyone else thinks. They don't matter. Being different is what makes you, and you in particular, a true artist.
Of course, stick to conventions when it comes to MotA...
about the featured maps; and the radically different maps. (you have inspired me to cross-dress in public places! THANK YOU!)

bai bai~!
I die near the end, but theats the way I made it for...but, what ever, doesn't matter.
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I die near the end, but theats the way I made it for...but, what ever, doesn't matter.
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You're exactly right! That's pretty funny...
you'll realise why this map here is extremely generic.

see you around squibless
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This only has 5 ratings!

I'd appreciate it if you guys rated it as well as commented...It's not going to hurt my feelings or anything. xD


well, i didn't like it, so i guess that's a compliment...?

yeah, he did.

But this is unrelated.


And I love the way you do your tiles in all your other maps.
Tanner tell you to knock the bridge down?
And build another one.



I dunno...I'll cross that bridge when we get there.



In case that the team that works on MotA starts something else, will you participate?