Deus Ex Machina

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Author jdragon
Tags author:jdragon chainguns machine mines race rated thwumps
Created 2009-05-30
Last Modified 2009-05-30
by 10 people.
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Description "The God Machine"

The best race, map for that matter, that I have ever made, submitted or unsubmitted.

Never uses a "1" tile.


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It wasnt as good once you passed into the right hand side of the map. The aesthetics were very appealing, however.
wow, you guys couldn't figure it out!? 5/5

Flow was sketchy.

I had to slow down at points, and I still wasn't able to beat the map. 3/5

I agree with Geckos. 3/5
just by changing simple stuff, like in the end; just before the door, change the 4th tile into a 1st. (but thats just an example)


the literal translation of "deus ex machina" is "the god machine," but yes, it is when a heavenly character "saves the day" in a drama.

Got it!!

Flow Demo: (general, I missed once)
Demo Data
and the thwumps add difficulty, but I haven't been able to make a flow demo that I actually recorded, and I wont have another chance till monday. I'll try again really fast...
their annoying...

did this completed demo with the thwumps removed... i lost a little of the flow at the end...
Demo Data


u mean machinima digitalph33r deus ex machina?
i give this race a low 3.
the flow was sloppy, and i didn't like the enemies much either.


couldnt get past that part
its when a god(s) interferes with an action in a drama...XD
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too theres no demo

don't wait untill monday
if nobody gets it by monday.

From that point

I can`t get on. Demo?
Demo Data