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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 nreality objectmod playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-05-31
Last Modified 2009-05-31
by 9 people.
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Description This mod has potential.

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Oh hey

I totally missed that little section there.
The 9 makes the bounceblock chase the ninja [], and the 3 is the speed with which it does so. A 10 could have been used instead of 9; the two are equivalent in this case (don't ask me why).

The "0,1,1" bit serves no purpose; I may have originally intended to start and stop the block, though I don't remember planning anything like that. I probably just added it in an attempt to solve some other problem.

Nice mod

Pretty good demonstration map too, since it shows the various ways the mod can be used (and a few ways to switch between them). Interesting. 4/5
AGD: (almost as fast as yours on NReality)

Btw, how would I go about emulating this? The only thing I see out of the ordinary (aside from the bounceblock var mods at the end) is this: !1^468,588^^0,1,1^,9,,3
And I have no idea what that means.
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you are right :)

1 switchis not necessary...
but nevermind.

and this mod is great, but maybe you could have used it in a better way
best name - i love hovercrafts


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Demo Data


I have parental controls. Can't go on Forums.


I still need help with colours.
Say im doing a red thwump and a blue laser drone.
How do I get it that both of those objects change their colour. When I tried doing it, only one of them changed colour.

Reply on my map :).


thanks for your help


The code of a bounce block is 1^x,y

I did


But it didn't work
This mod has potential.
I think someone did this for TNCC. Still, it's a cool mod.

very interesting

i dont get how to use Nreality though...

really nice, it has huge potential, I just wished you didn't submit to get it out there, you should've spent more time on this to take even more credit, nice discovery nonetheless
It's subjective though, also mads the ninja. []

Nice mod though.

P.S. Those are Metanet tiles. I did not create them.


Watch this before wasting too much time.
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