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Author Unexpected
Tags action agd author:unexpected playable rated
Created 2009-06-04
Last Modified 2009-06-04
by 12 people.
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Description please dont get mad if its horrible


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Excellent first map. A bit too empty for my tastes, though.


ok cancel out that "toughest jump" praise, can do it regularly now -.-

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better speedrun..

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Okay okay you can have it! (+__+) lol..

time to forget agd and go for speedruns.. :D
first try-
the first jump in this demo where ninja doesnt die by hitting the corner was an accidental one lol.. i dunno how some people manage this one regularly..seems to me like the toughest jump in N...
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better agd..

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Death demo

I was really hoping this corner jump would work, but it doesn't seem so. ._.
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first try agd,,

this is miles better than my first one! 0_0
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Well deserved, though. Keep doing/not doing what you're doing/not doing, and you should do well here.


Agree with maxson924.
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very very good for a first
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Faster AGD

I think for now it's easier to make a things not to change list:

1.) The clean, elegant tiles, easy to move around in, visually appealing, never distracting from the gameplay or the eye. Keep this, don't over produce your tiles and add too many little bits.
2.) Less is more with enemies. This is an easy map, but the enemies present worked very well. This map was a great map just to move around and explore, the gold was well placed to encourage this exploration, and the enemies (though sparse) did a good job of staying present.
3.) Non-linear, I liked the ability to just explore the map and all it's various parts, never felt tied down like there was only one way to do the map.

That said, this map was great (first map or not), and I really enjoyed it. I want to warn though, I like a lot of people's first maps because they are simple and refined and highly playtested. This is all of those and it's what makes the map good. Keep the simple refined aspect up and I'll keep playing.
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I love how this feels to play, as well as the slight asymmetry in the object placement.

(I hate to use my own maps as that seems narcissistic, but I'm familiar with my own work the best) [] [] []

thanks maxson

i want to make smaller maps but dont know how to take up space in the background
I would say to keep in mind that you don't have to use the full screen. Sometimes you should, but sometimes it's better to make a smaller map.

thanks guys

how could i improve

O im pissed.

Kidding, it aiiight. i give a 3, trust me better than many firsts, this was fun to play.

I suck

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can u rate?


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thank you

i really liked the tiles, but i cant fully understand how to maximise space with objects, i will learn
A little bit bland (as in too many spots where you can just stand around forever), but only a little. Welcome to numa, and I think you have potential :) 3.5, and I'll round up because it's your first.