Zero Phjase Rail (Constructors Inc.)

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day constructors featured inc phjase rail rated zero
Created 2009-06-05
Last Modified 2009-06-05
by 18 people.
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Description This map requires you build a bridge of shapes in numeric order.

This map was featured on 2009-12-29

Zero Phjase Rail (constructors Inc.) is inventive. I like maps that have lots of open space and few tiles, this does that very well. The map is literally built as you progress through the level, and the enemies adapt to this. Going for the gold will yield a more pleasurable gaming experience. — rocket_thumped

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Fun to AGD
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Demo Data

Always an adventure to play this one. AGD.
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Oh man,

this is radical.

IT lost



very nice :)


I'm surprised I didn't die there.
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extremely fun to play. very nice concept pulled out spectacularly. The unknown parts of the level make its replayability very high.

5aved =D

i was almost there

and then i got killed by a drone through a trap door ":(

Well played,

good sir. Well played indeed.
makes this level more dynamic.

there's nothing more exhilerating than almost falling to your death but just touching that one trigger that'll make a trap door that will save you.

i'm definitely gonna steal some ideas from this.
but I didn't really want to play it again. Still a four, though.
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It doesn't lag for me. And the idea of the map is to build a path. So even it is unpredictable, you take it slow and see what happens as you build your bridges. That said, the switches follow a pretty formulaic system of where their trap doors will appear.
There's a lot of lag, the trapdoors are hard to navigate around, and sometimes the trapdoors are unpredictable leading to much trial and error.

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Wayyy too much for me.


How did this happen?
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i say

cool concept, 4 for creativity

i didnt like all


very fun and open-ended. Will definately play this more than one time.

The unknown

is a very scary thing

Slow all gold.

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