Hopes And Dreams

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Author Unexpected
Tags action agd author:unexpected playable rated
Created 2009-06-05
Last Modified 2009-06-05
by 11 people.
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Description this is my second map, it took me a while and im very happy with it. Rate Comment Enjoy.

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i dont think its better than the feature, but i love this map
Gathering inspiration is a good thing, and I'm flattered that you were inspired by my maps :D


wow... i thought this was better than the current feature! and this is your second map!... wow, nice!

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but the polish was a bit down. That drone on the right just leaves the map, never really affects gameplay at all, which wasn't a big issue, but it's just a bad design thing.

Other than that the tiles were good, gold was good (if a bit sparse), and the map worked well.

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thanks guys

like eganic said...

its casual, simple and i just really enjoy it


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thanks spoof

i never noticed it leave

slow agd

i like it, all the tiles and enemies were used well (well the third drone left unnoticably, maybe im too slow/fast to encounter it). good relaxed map, where all skill levels have something to take from it. 4.2able
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thanks maxson

i saw some of ur maps and got the idea. sorry if its closely like yours. i really like how the drones are always in your way on this one


good to see you've taken everyone's advice on your first map.

I'm faving this so I can come back to it later


thanks palemoon. what do u think about my map?

never mind eganic

he's the resident dip :)


And thanks. Here's a faster AGD, still improvable probably.
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map. I like the simplicity and clean design. 3.5/5 rounded up.

sorry to advertise, but could you check out my recent map called solace?
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that was fast meta

can u rate as well?

Ok agd

Still improvable.

Pretty nice map. It's pretty good for highscores.
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no i didnt

rating is for chumps.


I did a kind of weird corner bounce to corner jump.. =/
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thank you

did u rate?

very casual

its nice. i like it