Starship Dream

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Author brainstone
Tags adventure author:brainstone discover puzzle rated starship
Created 2009-06-05
Last Modified 2009-06-05
by 11 people.
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Description Not solving a puzzle is no shame. So please comment what you thought about this map.
WARNING: Reading the following explanation might give you a hint what to do:

"You wake up in a strange starship, not knowing where you are or what the hell happened. Weird machines sorround you. You have not the sleighest idea what they`re are for. You gonna puzzle it out. And machine by machine you solved, you get a bit closer to freedom."

Watching in Edit Mode spoils the puzzle.

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Great puzzle. :P Cheated for the ceiling door, but figured the rest out myself :P


xD but awesome... its strange...alienlike^^absolute fantastic 5aved
because i had to use trial and improve like destiny and it got boring, not too big fan of hidden mines and hidden keys but i liked the idea and thuoght the rest was very good, 3/5
I accidently hit the "Repor"t for abuse" button while copying your demo, because my mouse is broken at the moment. Hope it doesn`t make problems.


I used trail and error throughout ^^

And i didnt figure out the top right until this demo, and i figured it out by complete fluke anyway XD

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I can't get the second door underneath the first thwump. I can get the first but never the second. Might want to get rid of one door?
But still 5aved.

that took alot of figguring out
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oh god

thats quiyte smart...


Of course, watching a demo ina puzzle spoils the whole fun. So only watch if you get tired.
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