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Author chironex
Tags author:chironex flowy fun medium playable race unrated
Created 2009-06-08
Last Modified 2009-06-08
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Map Data

Description Next map in my vitamins series. I like the way this one turned out---it's challenging, I think, but not too challenging, and it has a pretty good flow. So, RCE!!

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crappy agd :D

non fbf.
Demo Data
great speed and skill.
though the 5 tiles were sorta gay...
but 4.5 down overall

Improvable fbf agd

Christ, that needed frame perfect timing in places! Too hard for normal play imo - some might be able to to do it, but for most its just not fun playing a map that demanding :/

Still a 4 (or 3.5^), its pretty cool.
Demo Data

wow, hard map

Just begging to be fbfed :P

good though, though I disapprove of this mine, and the ones hidden in the tiles on the left hand side decsent.

4, I think.
Demo Data
but the tileset distracted me too much with all the 5 tiles, so it was difficult to concentrate on the map; try to go for something soother, yet still aesthetically pleasing
Other than the fact that it was butt ugly, I don't see how it was that bad...I mean, it had a good flow and was relaxing, at least IMO. Whatever.

Nicee this was much better than your last one 4/5 :D

Bad demo

At least it works.
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