you ArE NEvEr ALoNE oN thE dANcEfLoor

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Author sidke
Tags action author:sidke featured playable rated
Created 2009-06-09
Last Modified 2009-06-09
by 34 people.
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Description I AM YOUR DJ


This map was featured on 2009-08-07

The floor seethes with frenetic action. Opposing forces meet, fight, blend together, and break apart. Lost in this sea of splintered lights and pulsing sounds, you feel lost. Afraid. The sheer scale of the rave around you is inspiring, chilling. You lose grasp of yourself, of your sense of existence. But never fear. There is someone with you. Someone who can comfort you. An angel with 30 inch subwoofers, if you will. It's your DJ. And only her sound can save your soul. — PALEMOON

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5 because you're sidke and you deserve it
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because he's cool and edgy. Or just a stone cold douchebag.

im sorry but

this msap is bad it was only fetured becuz sidke 0/0
You're about to get it.
Also, really, ethel, why are you blaming palemoon because you don't like this map? ._.

Also, do me a favor and tell me what artist wrote this song.

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meh I didnt like it

and blame PALEMOON

Bler blar bler.

Bler blah bler lbah bleh pants bler if sidke made this 4 real then 0/5 lolocopters no really wot does that due fink he's playing@ with this guff? MOOONY must no sumfin covert or I dun get it lol!!!!!

I love this, by the way. Funfunfunfunfunfun. :3


Featured maps aren't about being the best maps on the site. They're there because the reviewer wanted to share them with the community, by putting them on the front page, the featured page, the author's profile and giving them the featured tag. Whether they're good or not is irrelevant.
quote ratatat_: Most people who look at this map without knowing the author would think: spammed objects, superfluous objects, mediocre tiles. But then they see that it's sidke and suddenly it's feature worthy.

i agree with this, its only the authors name which makes it featurable. while i though the beginning idea was cool (locking away the rockets), the overall map was hard an rather boring.

i have to agree with basically everything that ratatat says on these comments, because their true, theres a cirle type thing of elites that have a difficult time paying attention to anyone else.

im not a harsh rater though (as most figured out probably, im not a good critic), this is a solid 4 to me.

sorry for the complaints, im not asking for a feature (i know i dont have that material yet), but feature maps that are the best on the site, regardless of who made them.

attack me if you want, im bracing myself =X.
are messy or spammed, the tiles are brilliant, and gameplay top notch. Object's aren't spammed, in fact the gold and trap doors are well placed to create original engaging gameplay.


I see your point. You're right about features, and I take back what I said about this not being feature worthy.
That is up to the reviewer.

Oh, not at all.

I love dramashit.
I was making a point.

I enjoy mapping and playing, and I don't really care about features, I just want feedback on my maps. I like playing them, and that's what I care about.

My comments on your maps are not unfounded; toasters agreed with me on one of them. My rates are not harsh.

In addition, just because my maps are mediocre does not mean I cannot comment about shortcomings on other maps. I have a decent knowledge of the game and what makes a good map, I just have trouble applying it to my own maps.

In my opinion, flow is an important part of a map. If I rated your maps according to your opinion, you would get fives every time. I rate according to what I think is important.

Sorry for the long comments sidke, I hope you don't mind.


well deserves a 5/5 quite


This is just my opinion, so noone get mad at me.

I thought this map was not very well made whatsoever.
The rockets are clustered together and a lot of objects are very randomized. A map doesn't need flow, but the tileset had a lot of leaks/holes in it, and the pit is unneccesarily large, with nothing in it except two mines.

I felt that all the mines, and a lot of the blank space was too much filler, and the rockets bunched together was the worst element.

A lot of sidke's maps are really good, but I'm sorry this one was not successful in my opinion.
2/5 stars.

I would define this map as abstract.


Well I got carried away.

You got that right.

If Leaff was here, he really would have enjoyed this. ;_;


A lot of unknown authors have features. And a lot of known authors don't. Every reviewer has different tastes. Personally I don't find your maps feature-worthy, ratatat_, and you could say the same about me. Your post just sounds bitchy and whiny, and it's ridiculous. All a feature is is bringing a map into the spotlight for a day and a permanent mark on your profile. This map is definitely worth a 2, IN MY OPINION. PALEMOON liked it, so therefore, it is feature-worthy. Even although your point is valid, that if you made this it probably wouldn't get featured, it's still annoying. You have to make your mark first. The people with features didn't send out bad maps for ages then have one little gem. They have lots of gems and they've worked to get their maps featured. It isn't the reviewers fault that you can't make a map good enough. If you could, and a reviewer liked it enough, it would be featured.

I'm done. And your comments on my map have been rather annoying since your own maps suffer from them (and worse) shortcomings.

I <3 Sycamore.

On a side note, just pointing out that a map doesn't have to be good to be featured. The only prerequisate, is that the reviewer wants to share it with the public.
But the point still stands. Recognition will come when it is deserved.

Wait ratatat.

I have two maps, and both of them are rated. You have 14 maps, yet only four of them are rated. This isn't a personal attack or anything, but if you made better maps, they'd get noticed. Use aesthetics to draw people in and then gameplay to get comments.

I'll agree that the author has a small portion to do with the rates. I mean sure, if they're well known, respected and have a high amount of featured maps they're probably going to get more attention, obviously, than somebody with 14 maps. But normally their maps are worthy of the attention, and they've got enough confidence to expand their horizons and experiment. If your just starting and make experimental maps, they're probably going to get ignored.

I for one, am unaffected by the authors, as I barely know any. I though this was an awful map and I've said that. It doesn't matter who makes the map as long as it's fun. To sum up, quit whining and make better maps, then you might get some attention.

I was just saying,

Most people who look at this map without knowing the author would think: spammed objects, superfluous objects, mediocre tiles. But then they see that it's sidke and suddenly it's feature worthy.

I know that it takes a little while to gain a reputation as a mapper, but you have to admit that if this was someone's first or third map, it would have about three rates.

I am a little jealous, but not overwhelmingly.

speed run to show I played the map.
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fastest so far i believe
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A prime example.

Sidke, as I said, you're turning into PALEMOON D: really quite horrible. If you're going to make an aesthetically messy map, you really have to gave impeccable gameplay, which, sidkers, I'm afraid is rather lacking here. The drone switches were also very finiky. I did like the exit switch placement though.

Overall, a 2. Not nearly your usual standard. Sorry mate.




Very much so.

0 it is

your fault moony