Art of Motion

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Author nnds
Tags 1. author:nnds hard nreality rated trigger trn1
Created 2009-06-10
Last Modified 2009-06-15
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Art of Motion- This is a image, trigger, crazy mines map

This is my contribution for the:

... THE REAL N ...
-- Nreality Cup --
.. First Edition ..

I use :

  • 1 image (snapshoot: [])
  • 6 Chase AI mines
  • 5 flying golds
  • Nija Mod (maxjumpCount,99999)
  • 4 Trigger Areas
  • 2 Trigger Door
  • 1 crazy exit door (^^)

Magista Polo


About the Cup:

I,Chrise and schaaaf decided to make a Nreality event... in honor of Unreality and of his power.

The event has many parts... in every part you must follow some rules. At the end of every part I and schaaaf will decide the winner.
Every map, that you will produce, will go in one mappack (called "The Real N").

First Part. OPEN!
We will decide the winners on 20 June 2009.
Rules: The Ninja MUST FLY... (adding this tag at the end of the map |||||maxjumpcount,99999 )
You can use also all Nreality mods, without special drones

The winner can decide a special rule of the second part.
You must add this tag sumbitting the map on NUMA trn1 or we can't see and play your map)

(Sorry my english is not so good... so if you can find the grammar error, I won't be angry) the same for me ^^
Have fun and start to work.

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creepy stuff

Demo Data

yea you can cut it. it was only a note for the other

can i cut the (trigger) in the name?

just a 5... a good contribution

@vankusss: lol that is realy speedrun =D
@schaaaf: no ^^ i ask you wich gold is ugly (the gold in the corner OR the moving gold ? then i could update it.
@all the others: pls try a AGD

PS should i build in a antispeedrunsytem? because 164 frames are very very fast >.<


Demo Data

hmm jep

thats ugly to my mind xD but i said the gameplay was awesome


Demo Data
i cannot figure out maps with nreality... stuff... id say your map is just plain crazy. 5aved

the gold in the corner or the moving gold?


brilliant xD realy!!!the only thing i dislike is the gold >.<..the gold ruins the whole estetic xD nevertheless 4/5+faved xD

i got the exit but the exit got me
Demo Data