The Fountainhead

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Author ganteka
Tags author:ganteka featured pride rated
Created 2009-06-11
Last Modified 2009-09-07
by 31 people.
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Description 06-02 from PRIDE [].

This map was featured on 2009-07-25

Ganteka []. This kid has been poppin' out some pretty sexy maps, and Fountainhead is one of his sexiest.

To quote atob, this map emits "effortless cool." The minimalistic set-up is executed perfectly, creating a stellar atmosphere which offers some unique non-linearity. One chaingun may seem rather weak, but as you plunge yourself into the golden spray, you may learn otherwise.

This little gem is one of many in Ganteka's archive, so be sure to check out some more! — RadiumFalcon

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I had no idea

of what I was doing :P
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I prefer this over the redux...this just plays better.



Aw thanks



makes some of the most moronic statements on NUMA on a regular basis. Seriously, it's pathetic.

I still love this map. :)

oh come now guys

You're whining about the accuracy of the fountain in the tileset. Can't you think abstractly? It's about the aesthetics and gameplay, not how accurately displayed the fountain is. Jeesh, if I had named it something else, you guys wouldn't even think it's a fountain.
but this is still good not your best


with ratatat_..

I like the simplicity of this map, it's one of those rare flawlessly put together map. My only dislike is the bottom of the arch as it extends to the walls. I personally feel it would look better (less fat) with 5 tiles on the bottom. great otherwise
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The one day I'm gone at a swim meet... wow this really made my day guys.


Featuring a map is purely up to the reviewer's preference. When the map was made should have no bearing on whether it should be featured or not. In fact, this map is a recent map, so I don't know what you're complaining about. I agree that it's nice for less well known mappers to get features, but the fact is that if they're not that well known they probably don't deserve one (I'm not saying this is true for everyone).


Whatever, I'll just go ahead and sub mine. Sorry to cut this one off.


Wait. AGD actually attached this time.

Fuck I'm high. Sorry.
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Mhm. It's perfect. Just like the weed I've been smoking...(It's been a week.)


nice map

I don't know if it's feature worthy, but I like it.

No offense, but maybe featured maps could be picked from recently made maps?

And sometimes less well-known mappers?
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wow, stalkR

That's offensive.

whoever calls

maps "sexy" should spend more time with humans and less on the internet. seriously, it's pathetic.

really cool. I like how you use the launchpads combined with the 2er and 6er tiles.

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involving articulated bounceblock kicks :D
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Congrats Ganteka!

This map is really fun! :)
Cool. I knew this would get featured eventually. Well, here's my crappy speedrun from nreality that I can't be bothered to improve. Also, I like how you fived this twice, RF...
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good map

but ganteka has definitely made better 3/5

Hey flag

Sorry mate. I just got my status back. I didn't realize we were using a forum-queue. My bad.


The date = mappack release.



btw, ganteka

in the descrip, is that a publishing date or something?


i had the 25th. wat?

love, flag
just not my type of SHEEPLE

Hahaha. Haha. Hah.



<insert gloomp reference>


Just not my type of FACE.


Good aesthetics a map does not make. Or something like that. :/