Cancer Love Videotape

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Author KlanKaos
Tags action author:klankaos floorguards jumper mines rated trapdoors
Created 2009-06-11
Last Modified 2009-06-11
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Probably the sexiest thing I've ever made.

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I'm not so aroused ^^
Gameplay is smooth. Overall, it's good
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Some gold was challenging, and it was hard to recognice where will the trap doors appear. However, sexy.
i would offer a more helpful comment, but i see no flaws to criticize :D

sounds like a christmas list
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Crappy almost-completion-death. But it accomplishes what it was meant to do, which was show you what the bottom bit's doing. Even though I did that a bit wrong. =P
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stunning minimalism my good fellow