Money in the gutter

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Tags action author:ndeavour featured jumperish mapdraft mapdraft6 playable rated
Created 2009-06-12
Last Modified 2009-06-12
by 21 people.
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Description Mapdraft Round 6.

After a disappointing round last week Inspired is back to make another challenge this time running in the Holy division.

This map is of moderate to hard difficulty, it requires skill in jumping and rocket dodging. With the help of Life247 and Leaff, I rendered it uncheatable. Play, Rate, Comment and Enjoy.


Special mention to the honorable eganic who with the calm and resolute manner made this map what it is.

Thankyou Eganic.

This map was featured on 2011-06-22

We've had a fair few mapdraft reviews, but one thing they've had in common was that they were featured in spite of lacking features, be it gameplay or aesthetics. Differently, were you to ignore the description and the tags, it would be easy to be mistaken into thinking that this map was not a mapdraft one.

See, that's what makes this map so special. It's built around the same rules as any of those other maps, but it's so perfectly done that it may as well not have been. The construction here is impeccable, and the end product is fantastic. — squibbles

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all could be seen as mapdraft maps, just by looking at them. They're a unique brand of map, which are stylistically different to anything else. I didn't mean any offense.

haha, flag

it was hyperbole.


route change.

quite liked it :)
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Clarification: I consider it a personal attack, actually.

"We've had a fair few mapdraft reviews, but one thing they've had in common was that they were featured in spite of lacking features, be it gameplay or aesthetics."

Not true and grammatically wince-inducing. You're fired.

I remember this!

lovely map, albeit a bit hard.


too dry and precise for me, sorry.


actual love
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Map is pimpin


Gold was alright.

However, map was fun.


abstract, even.


PM my friend, PM xD

I hate advertising, but I re-uploaded my map Charge of the Light Brigade [], which you seemed to have liked.
"rising number of leavers and the new generation of users that would not know the history of NUMA." Stongly agreed.
i havnt been on numa a hell of a long time but i noticed some big changes in authors.

if you want to go ahead on the collab PM me :D been a while ay.



It was excellent as a jumper, but I didn't like the three gold to the right of the ninja, or the fact that you had to backtrack to the right side to get to the exit. The gold was much better. 4aved.
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very demanding map, in terms of jumps and precision. i dont think it's minimalistic though, but it's great for what it is
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accidentally won

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What is NaN?

please answer on one of my maps so I am reminded.


by the way, I really like this map. fun and mediumly difficult



and eganic did nothing :|


Enlighten me please.
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It's cheatable, but cool.


X Gold, where X is equal to the number of Chain Guns + 'E' Tiles in your map.

[ Bigger Glass House
1 Gauss Turret
1 Rocket
At least 30 One-Ways
5 Gold

[ Sun God - by handofgod
- all drones must be NaN'd
- any mines you have must be touching a tile

[ Generation X
If you have 99 Maps OR LESS:
25 E Tiles
10 'Two' Tiles
10 'Six' Tiles
If you have 100 maps OR MORE:
15 E Tiles
5 'Two' Tiles
5 'Six Tiles

[ You Probably Will Like This Pack
2 Items of your choice
10 Tiles of your choice
10 Gold
1 Billion Dollars (lol)