3d2 - Core

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Author lord_day
Tags 3d author:lord_day changing competition enemies featured rated rockets
Created 2009-06-13
Last Modified 2009-06-13
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description That there is the reactor.

This map was featured on 2011-08-06

Very few mappers can successfully use Z-snapped gold in their maps, but lord_day proves he is one of them. A few lone pieces of gold are lying around, taking up space, but he saves the real pizazz for what he calls "the reactor," a splendidly simple ring of gold meant to dazzle the eyes with exceptional elegance. lord_day also added a few rockets with whom you can play tag. So come and play in the factory, but be sure to make it out of the Core before it begins the final meltdown. — Life247

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Demo Data

nice map style to add that gold ring to. I just had to try that ring... I wonder what the score would be if this was manageable (see death demo), its really close
and I still love that ring of gold. wonderful work.

Fun map

Solid, but nothing amazing. Enjoyed. 4/5

The Ring

is orgasmically beautiful

I play this map once a year so

*fulfills 2011 requirement*

Good choice.
It's also the minimalism and flow and layout and story
that probably took less than 5 minutes to design

the map's good but it doesn't stand out to me. 3.5?
Personally, I can see where he's coming from, even if I disagree. The gold ring is the only really unique part of this map. But I do find the rest of the map fun.

I disagree Koi. I like the rockets.

But Call of Dirty: Fack Offs might be a good choice for you.

Well koipen.

It seems that you've transcended N. You need to find something more intimidating than a simple game on a computer screen... Go buy yourself an Xbox and play CODBO.

There is a nice ring of gold and nothing else. Boring uninteresting map.


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Nuh, N-N-Nuh, Nuh... N-N-NUH Nuh Nuh...


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I agree with conen.
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quite a fun playground! Nothing too special here except THAT GOLD IS AMAZING. Fun map though, lets not forget about that.




still a great map, simple, but works really well, and that gold is a really nice touch
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when it first came up. Why had I not commented on how awesome this map is?
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I spent one minute staring at this ring.

Plays masterfully

Seemed kinda gimmiky though.

Ya know what I mean?
the demos on this are awesome especially mintnuts and blacksons its like it was designed to create awesome demos. AGD
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I should have died like 3457435 times here.
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I wish my boobs had perk like this!
Beautiful. I like the ways you tend to Z snap you're gold. :)

Even at 33fps

I can still get an AGD. And yeah, there are some good routes and also, THAT RING OF GOLD IS AWESOME!!!
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Love the halo of gold...
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SaCReD_FouNTaiN is godenAtor, aka Evil_Sire.

I think we permanently banned him for a reason. Considering his previous track record, I, and probably many others, don't want him around at all.

So if you could notify an admin that he has been permanently banned before and that he needs to be permanently banned from NUMA on his SaCReD_FouNTaiN account and that his presence here is unwelcome, that would be very good.


I just couldn't.

I just couldn't bring myself to.

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My first attempt

This was absolutely flipping INTENSE!
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It was massively fun, but the right side could use a tad of work. 4.5/up and faved. And Yahoozy's comment applies to everyone I think.

This is a modified version or brianlyao's route. Thanks buddy!
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Great layout

Such a simple combination and playing style, but the arrangement is perfect.
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It looks like a central tube is rotating in that space.