43-1 DistOrted TrUth

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Author ChaoStar
Tags 300 action author:chaostar rated
Created 2009-06-13
Last Modified 2009-06-13
by 21 people.
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Description 300th map!

I found this map kind of relaxing. =D

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Loved it
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holy balls

this is the first map of you I have played, and I am impressed.

The hell?

Why haven't I commented on this yet?
It's wonderful. Love the tiles and gold, and just plain fun. The exit switch area is really nice, love the whole thing. Five and faved.




Yes, I really put a bit of time into this.

this map is just <33333

faster AGD

I liked this
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asdf? :D []
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The only gold should've been the line of gold. 4.
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looks very..epic^^

funny gameplay and nice aesthetics: 4,8 ;)
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i like the vert version better actually

zoom zoom!

zing zing zing!



nice aesthetics. Gameplay was a little scratchy but still solid. 4/5.
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nice (I prefer the moa version) congrats on 300,, erm, chaosta

wow, 300!

nice, though the gausses annoyed me at the beginning...
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good map.

nice tiles. semi-fast agd included. no need for me to ruin that perfect rating.
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happy 300th!

also i think the line of gold and the tileset is sexy, but i think you could have done a slightly better job with the Gauss Turret placement.
Tiles were pretty cool
the mine though was a pain :/
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happy birthday. 300 years old are too many lol.
I'm inviting you to enter in our contest ^^ look at my last maps :D


and celebrations.

Death demo.

There. I ignored your map.
Actually, it looks cool. Sooo I might play it after all...
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I knew it.

I know this map

from somewhere...
really like the tileset, and the start as well. Minefield was difficult, yet peaceful. Overall, everything was perfect, a great #300.

happy 300th :D

cool-looking and fun to play. at first, i didn't like the exit switch area (it seemed out of place), but it grew on me.