The Birth and Death of the Clarion (Silence)

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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator impromptu unrated
Created 2009-06-13
Last Modified 2009-06-13
Map Data

Description Explosions in the Sky
Our Sleepless Forest

Good luck completing this map, it's difficult.

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Good call.

What I said was extremely stupid, and I apologize. I'll try and make sure I don't let my anger get the better of me again.

What Toasters said.
I'm not really a fan of the gold placement, but otherwise this is pretty cool.

congratulations on your position as admin
new mediator :) I vote I lol

haha oh wow

this is a good map, 5/5, etc.

but work on you sardon meter

interesting map

and wow nice advising to powerhouse, im apparently on the same page as he is :p


if america was in prison canada would drop by to give them timbits...much better than cigs and socks. Trust me, ive been in prison. Timbits are very useful
or some basic insights on map making without the whole forum this and read that. I want some down to earth structure for a map...Those forums can get a tad dry, like reading a law book.

thank you

:) if you ever want to work on a map together I would be more than willing to do so :)

Well played sir.

The best choice for admin IMO. Good luck and all.


Now don't we need a new mod?


I want to thank

you very much for taking the time out of your most likely busy day to answer my question :)
And it was a very helpful...I cant wait to get further into this great commuinity now knowing how many awesome people there that help run it.
but what does the moderator do exactly?

I hate to say this

but our FAQ really needs to be updated...
It still has references to bitesizing, Bitesize Numa, Top Rated etc.


you don't get mad when anybody else ask someone to collab on here, I took a break from asking to collab and a month later you still get on me about it. you have a grudge or something?
I cannot find anybody on the forums that I'd like to collab with.

I missed the posts.

Did you delete them all? I'd like to see what he'd written before I take action, not that I don't trust you.

Can you keep and eye on him and show me if he does it again? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
Let's be friends.


Good work.


I am perplexed and angered by your delisting. Why does it need to be delisted if it is no longer on the hotmaps page? That makes NO SENSE AT ALL considering this []

There is no need to involve atob in this but I WILL if you ignore this.

agd -1

Decent run, but improvable. Sub-1000 may or may not be possible.

In my opinion, this map is easy to complete, tough to AGD smoothly.
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Death Demo

I liked this map!! :D
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Demo Data