Map Theory: Function and Form

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Author astheoceansblue
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Created 2009-06-16
Last Modified 2009-06-16
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Description I made this in order to create a space to submit my Map Theory Guide for those without forum accounts, or anyone unable to access the forums for whatever reason.

The map is fully playable and I think a good example of a map made with the theories I've collected.

The guide can be found at the end of the comments section.

Feel free to feedback on both Guide and map.


This map was featured on 2011-04-30

Most people know astheoceansblue for his ingenious map-making skills. Yet some may know him for his harsh yet helpful criticism, and if you do know him, you may also know of his 'map theory' project in which he shows how to "properly" make a creative and tasteful map; while doing this, he still manages to make room for a great deal of atmosphere. Some have referred to him as a god of mapping, and if that is the case then this is the mapping bible. So make sure to always have it to refer to when you catch yourself sinning. — mystro23

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well made

I had some good AGD runs, then I would hit the track pad with my palm... I did that a number of times.

crappy AGD :
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"...Why would he repost it?" -Mystro
When'd I ever say he should?

Enlightened, it says in th description that the guide is at the end of the comments section?
Why would he repost it?


We appreciate the effort put into the guide. And the map. <3
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capricious moderator is capricious


repost what

ha ha


Slow AGD

"The point of this map was /not/ to be a rea1 map." -apakenua
"The map is fully playable and I think a good example of a map made with the theories I've collected." -atob

What I do think is ironic is that now with the comments it received post-feature, the original advice posts aren't even on the first page of comments.

To someone who stumbled across this, they might not even figure out it's purpose (outside of being a playable map).
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flag, I'm agnostic.

So I'm not sure what the "even you" thing means.
from the "Other Maps by this Author" thing.


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I'm not religious, but the analogy was understood, so really? Does it matter?

...are you wanting to argue that God /wrote the Bible/? Even you, Rose, even you.
Sorry ska.


Better than your other choice. But God didn't write the Bible, so your analogy doesn't quite hold up.


I like me some good M-theory...


Rose is correct.

mystro is correct.

And personally, I think it's great that this is featured. Maybe not for the map itself, but to draw attention to the awesome mapping guide.

I thought the map deserved to be featured, so it /does/ deserve to be featured end of story. Now stating you dislike the map is one thing, otherwise no one gives a crap.

I see where you're going, when i first started I never understood what a good map needed, so it was more of a guide than a way to make maps for me
but nonetheless, whether I agree with it or not, congrats on the feature astheoceansblue
was /not/ to be a rea1 map.

Decent AGD


Map Theory lesson 1: Make tile trees. Bitches love tile trees.
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I loved it when the laser shot at me near the end, and so nearly killed me.
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@ Palemoon


Also there is something wrong with your avatar, I'm not disturbed by it.

Granted I think

ATOB has had more than his fair share (does that sound communistic?) of features, but out of all his maps this one deserves it most due it's contribution to the improvement of the quality of mapping.

blah blah blah

fuck everything
Already featured!?

How many great mappers have started their great journey by taking a few pieces of advice from this map and then slightly altering them to create an awesome style?

I know I have, seriously this should have been featured LONG ago.

Lukesv please tell me why this shouldn't be featured?
The map alone is great. Awesome atmosphere, clean, nice tiles, and fun. Plus the commets he leaves at the bottom help others why?

congrats man you deserve this.





Nice tips. Awesome map.


but you forgot blue_tetris