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Author gloomp
Tags author:gloomp blind experimental house leaves sound unrated
Created 2009-06-16
Last Modified 2009-06-16
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Description Play this map with your eyes closed. Seriously. Use N's sounds to orient yourself.

Inspired, roughly, by House of Leaves.

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Oh my god -

all my demos look so stupid. The most irritating part was that with those many normal doors. It drove me crazy.
Props to everyone who can complete this with eyes closed.
Maybe we, as we're the only ones who ever tried making 'eyes-closed-maps', should collab to make an ultimate blind-map sometime. Just tell me, if/when you want to.
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second try.
Demo Data

Demo Data


I would like to collab.

I've still got one to do with Meatpuppet, but I'm wondering if you're interested.

Comment back on one of my maps if you are (or are not) ;D

I found myself randomly closing my eyes while playing other maps...


I had to play through this with eyes open just to remember what the sounds were... This is my eyes closed demo
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open speed.
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you are brilliant

*hmm okay i think i know where i'm going, just gotta keep moving forwaZAP


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eyes open speedrun

Demo Data

eyes open speedrun

Demo Data
it was frustrating.
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never mind

eyes closed was fun

i take it all back; great idea. by the way i managed to die.
Demo Data
where do you go to play
I've honestly never used the sounds in N before.
Demo Data

eyes closed

After playing this game for five years, I still had no idea what I was doing. No rating.
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i haven't used sound while N gaming in about three years.