honey lust

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags 1-year author:radiumfalcon birthday ded rated
Created 2009-06-17
Last Modified 2009-06-21
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description ATTENTION ALL: RadiumFalcon joined N User Map Archive exactly 1 year ago. I present you my 1-year birthday map extravaganza!

I'd like to dedicate this to the following people:

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what a change
I've been a douche, and I realise that. I dunno why. I remember that we used to have so much less animosity between us, and I reckon we should go back to that. It was cool.

Sorry for being such a monumental git. D:


i joined like not even a month after you. cool

that list sucks

.....................where's espada777777?






I'm sorry for delisting this. I'm sorry for bringing atob into this.

I guess my point was, I didn't want others thinking it's okay to make huge images a part of the map description. It's annoying. But you're considered a well-known author by the community and I should give you a little more slack than I usually do.

NUMA Moderator


I WUVS YOU. Surely I should have some bigger mention? I'm the greatest thing that ever happened here.


"dank maps". I love it. I need to come back to this map, I played it when it first came out but I couldnt quite get the hang of it. I'll play it when I get back home tonight.

PNI is a sigwhore.

How did I know

you wouldn't put me on that list?

Map relisted.

It's no longer on the Hot Maps page, so I see no reason to worry about the space issue.



*map delisted*

Take this up with atob if you want it relisted.

NUMA Moderator


When you advertise your maps on mine, would you mind commenting/rating on the map itself?

Oh my god!

I was doing so well too!!!

Love the map...

I'm a great kid ^_^
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ska, me too

Even though I don't really like stacey's maps. D:<


we're highscorers, you know this site doesn't appreciate highscorers much.


Pretty fun

I didn't like the floorguard much, or the beginning area, but everything else was cool

Damn, am I awesome.

Happy anniversary!


Smart-ass ninja fail.
Demo Data

I was bored.

Very bored.

So I fixed it for you.
Link to your image or pastebin the text from it, please. This is attention whoring (because of how much space it takes up on the Hot Maps page) as well as dumb. (because you used an image to gather more attention from NUMA-goers. Real mappers use text and bank on their popularity instead.)

NUMA Moderator

Wown I'm up there

When did I lose contact with you?
(prob when you became a good mapper^^)


i love being excluded from lists..

too late

booster, we're going to have to permanently ban you from NUMA for that offense. totally unacceptable.
I would be surprised if someone did put me up there. I never get Dedication.

Sweet Map 5 ^^
who read through the whole list hoping my name would come up but was let down.

Either way Happy NUMA Birthday to you!

Teraza, they're an image.

decent map


Happy New Years!

-Sounded like it's 2010-.
And my name is there.
Well, you had a nice, 1 year.