Demon Fisherman

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt featured lasers lazoasters rated toastazers toasters
Created 2009-06-17
Last Modified 2009-06-17
by 18 people.
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Description I'm sorry, but the princess is in another castle.

This map was featured on 2011-01-10

To this most malevolent malediction of a map meets a mirage of Machiavellian muster, called upon by a magnificent, maybe minimalist? meritorious and macabre man. 'Who!?' Might you mumble would make this manifold of manipulative miscreant, misguiding the meek and mundane into malefic and meretricious murder. This myriad of majestic and masterful makeshift marked only by a man's methodical mystique is hardly meager or mute, yet matchless in mere manifestation and mold. Merciful in melancholic manner, the mighty yet mild map mends to this man's mentionable modesty. Who might be this mellow and monumental muse?

You may call him Matt.

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Jumbo Jet demo
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I didn't even know there was a teleport.

FBF'd speedrun.

Demo Data


hahaha, or 'Movember' if you like.

Slightly better


I can't get the bounce block part right at all.

Really good map though and awesome review. That must have taken forever especially since it actually makes sense...

I guess it was too long a wait for November 5th to review this though, eh Stardom?
Demo Data

Anyone who missed the reference flat-out sucks. Weaving's speech is one of the most badass moments in recent cinema history.


The review is a play on V's opening speech to Eva in V for Vendetta, and thank you mauve I'm very humbled haha.

much better

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but super inefficient
Demo Data


good choice.
but I like the superalliteration anyway.



(Actually got the reference in the review)
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Well deserved Feature.

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Really cool.



I like the tiles and gameplay, although I'm not sure about this one-way phase you seem to be going through.
4, and a public rating.
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you said:
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

I'll still let you have it
And seriously? I got 6 out of 8 stars and every puzzle piece since I bought it a week ago. o_O


that last mine...
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if you're referring to braid and not mario, lol.
its so awesome. but so hard ;____;


Much better with one laser.
Demo Data



Eh, you're right.

I'll just change it to one laser.

Its pretty good.

I just don't like the two lasers. They get annoying if you land at the wrong time.