Day 2: A Speck Of Hope

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Author _destiny^-
Tags 2 author:_destiny^- destiny playable race racediary rated
Created 2009-06-18
Last Modified 2009-06-18
by 25 people.
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Description Today i bumped into her by accident, and she said sorry to me before i could do so much as open my mouth. She doesnt seem like all the other people in school at all - anybody else would of told me to 'watch it', or 'get lost'. I can't stand those people. But not her, she's different.

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Very fun

as well as being very difficult. Great tileset and great flow, though (this may be just me) the start often does not work, but when it does it is good. 4.5/5 rounded up.

That's cool man

Really nice race

It seems cluttered and crazy, but its pretty smooth. Love the bounce blocks.


Very nice, I would of given it a 5 if it weren't for some annoying parts, like getting hit by a drone if you go too fast.

Fastest AGD

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and hook in mate...

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Demo Data

Come on kids.

Cut the bickering, please. Don't make me delete things


there's a difference.

mmm. fairly fun.

i enjoyed the end alot. the rest was just alright. 3.5 ^

Ahahah! mintnut

yes! but he needs to say the people are 'phonies' a few billion times to get the full effect.

Screw off?

That's an new one. o_O

How amusing

My favorite comment was yungerkids 'i still don't like the aesthetics, even though the thumbnail looks nice.'

*I can't stand those goddam people, is all.

learn to read trumpet, I didn't say it didn't work, I said it worked horribly

trupet and fagmyidol, screw off, I don't understand wtf is wrong with both of you
and ffs, stop talking flag...crescor is far more mature than you'll ever be, grow the fuck up
1. Mine.
2. r0ck01's, at the bottom.
3. karmap0lice's. what the fuck?
4. spoof's. :D
5. AVATAR_FANATIC's. Are you... are you... oh, what the fuck.
6. mintnut's. Perfect.
7. trumpetmanjez's. First three words.
8. I liked destiny's description too.

@ Karma

You're a moron. Stop saying that forced starts work differently in user levels, they blatantly don't and when you wheel that tripe out and criticise people on it it irritates me. grr.

To prove a point, here is a demo I got on NReality. Observe that it works just fine in debug. Poor demo but w/e, it proves you're wrong :P

As for the map, nice fun, flowy, destiny tiles, blah blah blah, have a 4 :)
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I don't like the top-left, but that's about it.
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don't get distracted ;) well, i still don't like the aesthetics, even though the thumbnail looks nice. the race as a whole is averagely good.

The description

was nice, although you came across all Holden Caulfield...

As for you flagmyidol, I wither in despair.

It's okay, but I don't like it when you have to start out holding a button in a race. 3/5

agreed karmap0lice

that lead in was tough for me.

romaniac im fine with some of his random objects. it adds to some of the uncertainty of where you will be. seems like other authors do it, eh im alright with.

flagmyidol... im pretty sure thats day 3

ok r0ck01, don't ok say stuff that ok if don't understand ok what you're saying ok?

I like the description and flag asked the question I was thinking


this demo took me a while.
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my demo isn't that great but its good for now

nice race, really enjoyed it, only things I didn't like was the very beginning, I hate forced beginning when they are used horribly, ned is different from nreality/userlevel mode. Also, coming out of the 'loop' bottom right, you cant fully hold right, you have to pull left at the last second. Everything else is very nice, faved
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i didn't like it

because object seemed to be placed to mislead me and to be annoying and useless. like those one ways at the exit key

so, have you had sex with her yet?

awesome, this was brilliant!}
a lot going on for just 800 frames. loads of fun, just as i would expect.
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wat the...........

ok well the description is crap!!!!!!! ok plz dont do it again


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