A Distinctive Therapy

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-11-03
Last Modified 2005-11-03
by 47 people.
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Description The basic idea behind this map is as follows...

I think that, recently, I have realised why I have played N so incessantly, and why "Mother Thwumping Impossible" has been considered such a great level.

Because it causes pain, failing again and again.

But this pain hurts less... less than many of the really painful things that can happen in, well, "real life".

And this is an attempt by me to make an incredibly frustrating and diffuclt race map... I'm still not as good a player as some of you, but I find this level very hard. So, here's my map- if you ever need therapy from the pain in your life, try some of the less extreme pain I hope this map just may give.

Having said that, I don't think that this map is, actually, extremely difficult... I just wanted to write something "deep" for the description!

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Pretty easy

except for the rocket at end
good job


i couldnt even tell where i was going


I thought shot shot was one of the best...


I love this level, took me about 30 tries to get a demo with ease
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Totally different approach. Sort of worked.
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I love this level!!!


nice map I like the mine usage I cant belive I died 15 times before I beat it

the little loops

arent as fun to play as they are a part of the artwork. formica you must be a black and white artist r somethin.
its amazing. even in the small image it looks sweet. 5/5.


I don't really like riding the tiny circles that much, it feels odd, and the top left bit below the exit switch doesn't seem natural. It's really just that because they're such small curves, they don't feel natural. I think because of that I didn't have the urge to play it over until I completed it. But seriously, not far from a 4.5 at all.


Yep. Faster.
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Fun map.
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So, sweep...

What parts, specifically? Just out of curiosity...


I found a few parts a bit awkward to be honest. It's still a very good map though. I think I'm going to rate it a 4, but it's not far from a 4.5 IMO.
It happened. It dropped. And obviously no one owned up. Its just sad.
that's why it's gettin' a 5/5 from me.


Anyway slowpoke completion demo. 4.5 4 da level, extra 0.5 for the tileset. Overall 5/5
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A 5. I think I do not need to justify this rating, the level is excellent in design and flow all-round, it is not too hard but not too easy and it's just damn gorgeous.
It also made me realize what was wrong with the design of my Barcode level.

looks nice

plays like an SL1200...(compliment) =P

Neat O

Complete O
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This is how

it should be. Except for the dying part. 5/5
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Ah dang...

Yeah, theres meant to be a demo there.
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Whew. Great map. Such good mine placement.


Red, you're supposed to play it like a sonic map.. or maybe it's not required...


Nice map. Very cool style.
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