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Author chironex
Tags author:chironex flowy fun playable race rated variations
Created 2009-06-22
Last Modified 2009-06-22
by 7 people.
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Description A variations-on-a-theme sort of map, and also the next in the vitamins series. I also put in a fun ending. RCE!

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fun race

I like the emptiness of it
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You played my last race on N-Reality (:.
Would you mind RCEing it? (:


it wasn't FBF


I've got the fastest AGD!
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For what its worth

I liked the gold as it was. This map was a bit different aesthetically anyway (a good thing), so I thought the dotted gold worked fine.

Thanks to everybody

...for giving my map a public rating; it's the first in a long while!

very nice

love the idea of this, and using thwumps for timing. agree about the gold though... the flow was also pretty good generally.
so i'll have to rate thisa 4 :D

I Submit

Okay, I guess I'll just clump all mah golds from now on.

fun :)

very clever thwumps, and some fun jumping sections. definitely not generic, and this is just the sort of race i enjoy playing. gold did look a bit weird, i personally prefer clumps because i think it looks better. high 4.
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Demo Data


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Very fun

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and it seemed like it took no effort at all

So then...

How is that detrimental to the race? I mean, I know that it's standard to put the gold in small clumps, but does what I did hurt the race?
and just followed the track all the way through.


What's so bad about the gold?

I enjoyed this race

the aesthetics were good, but definitely could be improved. Gold was horrible, try to place them in small groups, and if the map is confusing, use the gold to direct the player where to go.
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was this supposed to happen?
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Not FBF but just one frame slower :P
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If you tilt your head 90 degrees and look at it as a bunch of gray markings on a white rectangle (as opposed to vice versa), you'll notice that it roughly spells CHIRONEX. You sorta have to imagine the lower bar on the E, though.


Just noticed the ending :D. Also, do the symbols down the right hand side mean anything?
Good flow, and nice looking too. Too hard for me though, requiring timing within a couple of frames in multiple places is a bit extreme :/. 4

Average fbf demo just because no one else has submitted one yet.
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Nicely done.
I love the second thwump. You need to work on aesthetics. you're almost there (: .
anyway good fun.-


(Fun ending only works in Ned)