Trippy Town

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Author Nphasis
Tags author:nphasis imagemap inage-map nreality race rated
Created 2009-06-23
Last Modified 2009-06-23
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description This map is the result of N getting high.
My second attempt at an imagemap.
Also, it's another short race.


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>.< 3rd

fastest AGd ^^ cool imagemap
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Cool Image Map!
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In my opinion :/
I love the tiles.

great art! but the gameplay is really choppy


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Watch out -

- some bad green and yellow acid goin' around xD

Pretty shizzle. 4/5.
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Shallow race

But charming, and without the image that tileset is great.
The race wasn't really much (short and not so original), and the image was distracting. Nice tileset, though.
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awesome... I wish I knew how to do thos drawings .
Flow was Ok

Check out my map(s)

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I do not like the starting gate.
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Tied atob.

I liked it alot.
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i love this

even without being able to see the image.

You know...

I wouldn't even know how to explain this.



ninja'd and thrashed in one go! :3

Slow agd

to start things off.

Cute map :)
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Demo Data

I feel like...

it'd be mre suitable for me to play this high, but I was too curious to wait for that opportunity. Cool graphics. Like ska said, could have expanded on this a bit more but still cool. 4.


sweet map, could've expanded it a bit, but cool graphics.