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Author ninjaxion
Tags author:ninjaxion climb climber featured hard jumper mines rated
Created 2009-06-23
Last Modified 2009-06-23
by 12 people.
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Description a climbing map. Quite short, but very hard.
Don't go too far out of your way to get an AGD though.

This map was featured on 2015-05-04

Imagine, for a moment, that you are walking along a cliff. Maybe on a beach, with the sun setting over the ocean.

You look up the cliff. There’s something reflecting the light there. You squint. Is that… is that gold?

Okay, two options. You can continue your leisurely stroll, or you can try to defy gravity in pursuit of the promise of riches untold. Personally, I would go with the first option, but –

Oh, who am I kidding. I can see that mad glint in your eye, don’t think I can’t. Go ahead. Just… try not to die, yeah? — lifdoff

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I really don't like that first jump from the middle section, but everything else was fine and well-presented. It's always fun to see a seemingly impossible-to-climb rocky formation in the thumbnail and then successfully climb it!
"I know what objectively good maps are (aka Yahoozy and Lord_day maps)." That's classic!

Tiki, please re-examine your notion that you're better than everyone else, because underneath that, your ideas are fine. TBH, I always liked the idea of "Top-Rated by Reviewers" or something, where it was a pool of people who understood the craft but there was still a way of weeding out the outliers. Like RottenTomatoes for N maps. But it's kinda complicated and clunky to implement and most people don't seem to think it's significantly better than something simpler and more social, like a review system. *shrugs*

Oh ffs.

You've made your dislike for the more poetic, less map-describing reviews perfectly clear. No need to get passive-aggressive about it.

And I'm not even touching that objectively good thing.
I'll review maps. I'm pretty good writing and I know what objectively good maps are (aka Yahoozy and Lord_day maps). Take this little piece of my writing:

Once, there was, a king, and that king, as wise as he was, was yet another king, destined to be, in a world of kings, yet another king.

Deep, huh?
your opinions are wrong and you should stop believing them

and when tiki said mapping is competative
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best part of numa is the arguments
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Nice to see the little guy get featured. As far as features go, I hire people who can write well, no matter what types of maps they want to feature. You may say that this lessens the importance of features. But we're only at ~1500 right now, and from a pool of ~200,000 maps, that's pretty selective if you ask me. I'm about four people short right now, which means either dates with no features or lots of reviews by the same person. I'd like to avoid both of those.

It's impossible to please everyone, and at some point everyone will complain about what's getting featured. But it doesn't matter. What matters is that we're talking. The site lives on, thanks to lifdoff. And I'm grateful for that, and for all of you.



Somebody has to give negative comments. And I'm dead serious right now, it's important that there's both good and bad comments, otherwise the only comments on maps would be "great", "nice", "awesome".


If I became a reviewer, then features would lose their godliness. Also, I miss when reviewers described some gameplay or aesthetic value of the map instead of poetry. But it's your inalienable "right" to do as you please, so go ahead, spout poetry.
I'm not interested in having any fun, I'm interested in making "the best" maps, which means relatively better than others. If being featured doesn't mean it's the best, then I don't know what to aim for. I'm so lost in life, help me pweez :D


lifdoff is entitled to feature whatever he wants to.
tiki is entitled to complain about lifdoff's feature choices.
everyone else is entitled to complain about tiki's complaining.
I feel entitled to be amused by the whole thing, and play a fun map while I'm at it.
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cool map

gold looks great!


you'd like to have standard criteria for featured maps. It's ok as it's your personal opinion but you don't have the right to tell reviewers that the maps they picked were crap as most of us are convinced that it should be up to the reviewer and onlythe reviewer to select the maps. It's a simple democratic decision: If the majority of us here wanted standard criteria for featured maps we'd have some. However, at the moment it's different and you need to accept that.
Who said that featured maps must be /necessarily/ the best of the best on this site? Better said, who has the ability to determine what is the best of the best? Rose said it all, any artistic product and its cataloging is subjective, and I think mapping or maps are art after all. It is complex to produce something to please everyone, and even more, the perception of that 'something' is unanimous for all.

Look, featured maps are what basically are, maps in the front page of this site, what the word itself means, featured, but not necessarily for their high quality (which is usually that well), but for many other reasons, like a delicate execution, unlike the rest, or just something hidden and the reviewer wants to get back to light for some specific reason, just this, nothing more.

This map qualifies perfectly the requirements, jumper aspects are well executed, it is concise, well done, a pattern of gold nice and different, is not offensive, not a joke, and you can play it, but above all, lifdoff wanted to put it on the front page. That's a featured map.

And yes, lately I see many negative comments from that guy tiki, none of the featured maps are of you pleasing, and most of the new maps that are created these days neither. Looking to your personal catalog and your 'constructively critical' comments, I can only get a deduction, and it is that do you just look pathetic.
and this map is cool, and the review is cool.

(that comment was not directed at apse, whose comment showed up after I posted my own)
If lifdoff likes this map, he's perfectly within his rights to feature it. That's most of his "job".

Thinking it's dull is fine. A set of "standard criteria" will never happen, nor should it. Making a map is art and liking a map is personal preference, and art is subjective.

Anyone who wants to become a reviewer and feature the maps that they like should feel free to visit the forums [] and/or ask Aidiera [] here to apply for reviewership.
this is pretty dull. well executed i guess, but lacks any aesthetic flair that i've come to expect.

Look, if you're always complaining about features, then become a reviewer. We're short on staff anyway, and yes, I feature maps that I like. And that's not something that I'm going to change just because you are bitching about it.
I can't even remember the last time the featured map was actually worthy of a feature. It seems like its just been reviewers' personal preferences, sort of like somebody who uses inside jokes in a public speech. It might seem great to you, but nobody else knows what the fuck you're talking about. We need some standard criteria for judging features
And for those worried, I'll be taking a break from featuring jumpers after this, just had to get this one out of my system. :P


looks very good, 5 and favourite.


What everyone else said.

Great tileset

And gold placement.

quite cute.

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Great map.

Amazing tileset. Beautiful gold and challenging gameplay. 4/5 and favourited.
The rest is pretty obvious
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