Parachute For Sale:

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Author hoohah2x2sday
Tags action agd author:hoohah2x2sday medium-hard playable rated transformers
Created 2009-06-24
Last Modified 2009-06-24
by 9 people.
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Description Used once;
never opened;
small stain.
_ _ _

My best map to date. Friggin love the tiles :D

I think parts of this map were indirectly inspired by atob, Yahoozy, and Losttortuga. Anyway, enjoy and please rate and comment =]

*Should i have done something with the left side? I tried stuff but it just seemed...contrived?

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that rocket is absolutely terrible.. too many enemies.. what a waste of a sexy map

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saw that ad! Hilarious!


thanks :P
but the gameplay is too tedious and difficult. i want to play the rest of the map, but it takes too much precision and knowledge of the map to have fun. looks like an interesting structure though. and it does have your usual creativity behind the mechanics. i like the description.


Well, i tried

I'm sorry

It's a nice tileset, but you've completely spammed enemies to the point where i cant enjoy this.

too many mines

or rather, they're setup in a fine, minejumpery way, but you threw in a drone and a rocket, which demands precission and speed, which is difficult to do.

tiles are great

gameplay felt a little tight, though

nice tiles