What's Mine is Yours

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris featured gold long mines puzzle thwumps unrated
Created 2009-06-24
Last Modified 2009-06-24
Map Data

Description A ridiculously long mine-jumper. Time and plan those jumps and use the thwumps to help you (where available). This map is extremely long and frustrating, just like Dave in the sack.

Post demos and comments while you trial its myriad jumps, go for the gold, and get nearly halfway every time before dying horribly.

(Pro tip! Use the enter key to respawn the ninja if you're playing in Ned.)

This map was featured on 2015-04-22

We're almost at the end of a NUMACON -- which unfortunately has not been as active as it deserves -- based on creating a long, bad-ass map, and I want to encourage all the active mappers to try and make a fun, challenging level. Like this one. The pattern is simple, but the arrangement of the gold and the mines makes it superb. No single jump is too hard, but the insanity is based on its length, and how many landings you have to stick. But nothing feels better than completing this map, I guarantee you.

What's yours is ours! — zoasBE

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no i didnt!
everything is ok
map is still good a++


i messed up the joke
map is nice tho a+



You're right, 179,

That's why I choosed a map by blue_tetris during this gauntlet NUMACON.

Although, another undisputed king (or I should say queen?) comes to my mind, what about Sendy? Well, I think is easy, b_t the undisputed king of the gauntlet map, and Sendy, the undisputed queen of the gauntlet map. Also, Yahoozy did it right in the recent years with that kind of map, too.

in my heart

b_t will always be the undisputed king of the gauntlet map


I have to admit that this was quite a challenge. :D Incredible map!
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great map

great review

Many thanks to Aidiera who has bettered my review awesomely as always! <3 By the way, I had to contract the first 'We are' because it was 101 words longer, I hope it is fine. XD

ugh i beat it

This map was posted 3 days after I joined numa and I've finally beaten it. I like it, though :P
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:) (and some cheeky out of the way gold) ;)
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death demo partway past the point above your starting point.
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best i got in a few tries
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I'm asking you what's happening on NUMA. []

Rule, I answered you on your latest map.
I can't log in properly. Every time I log in it does. But once I try to continue I log out again. No matter which link I use. I can try going to Board index or Messages. It just signs me out again and I can't do anything at all.

Do you know this problem or/and have a solution?
Please respond :)


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this is pure fun!!
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you the guy who made thuwump cannon, what the thwump, cube 2(which is a awesome movie) and all the others if so you are like the best author numa has ever had i think. if you are him write back to me in one of my maps comments

Terrific map.

blue_tetris is a very good source of well-crafted puzzle maps and retro stylings in an otherwise bland world of mediocre action maps.

I played this in userlevels mode to prevent myself from cheating. ;x
Furthest demo yet
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Demo Data

O_O welcome back! I feel like I might be really late though, seeing those maps in your previous-maps-list that I do not recall

This map

is evilness personifiedmapified.

I got soooo

far, and then died stupidly ;_;
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lol nvm

I searched your name and delisted...and this came up


why did you delist this?
that comment was until I submitted it. please ignore it and hold for further feedback.
made me orgasm in my mouth... MUST PLAY NOW!!


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