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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit featured rated rockets
Created 2009-06-28
Last Modified 2009-06-28
by 16 people.
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Description Ugly, but quite fun. Accepting competition for the fastest all gold... maybe a ded, even. Go!

This map was featured on 2009-12-31

Intermittently, when no “hot map” strikes my fancy I’ll click the lonely random button and permit the Fates to decide which maps to remove from the shadows of time and ignorance. It was on one such occasion that I discovered Tempus_Fugit, a sporadically appearing author who, despite apparent praise by notable mappers, eluded mention on all “favorite authors lists” (mine excluded). Well, now I intend to give his three cats the attention they deserve. Garland is brilliant because there is no escape, and survival shall only be granted by keeping your wits about you under pressure. (by aerodynamic) — origami_alligator

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sub 500 agd

glad you're back.
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A very belated thanks to you all, especially aero! ^_^


This is totally N.v.2


rather epic. 3/5
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I played and rated and faved this, but never commented.


not really my kind of map, but cool rocket dodging.


wat the?
wats so cool bout this map?

really cool

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Really wanted this person to get a feature. Glad people liked the map and review :) Happy New Year NUMA!

This aerodynamic person needs to be a reviewer quickly, southpaw.


I wish ORigami_Alligator would feature someone eleses map instead of his own!

Faster AGD

But still improvable
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Wow! I love the maps which mixing simplicity and fun. So i loved it too.

AGD (also on nreality) :
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Very fun, very addicitve highscoring map. Nice choice.
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I liked this


It's a 5 now! Great map, love it. 8)


Never thought you'd get caught, did you Inspired :P

lovely map, really.

aerodynamic wrote a well cool review for it too. Incidentally, I already had this in my favourites.

awesome map

5aved. Here's my agd:
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whoa, that's a killer demo, hard/fun stuff
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Daaah almost agd

This is fun! I like this kind of rocket map, makes me feel all ninja-y
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Oh my.

This is fantastic. I love how the five tiles give you a false sense of evasion, as the rockets can practically always see you and are nearly constantly following you. I'd also disagree with your description, as I thought it was pretty aesthetically pleasing and subtle. I gave this a five.

Also, you totally reminded me of our collaboration map in that comment you left Amanda. It really should have received more accolades than it did.

On a final note, hello again, for the... what, eighth time?


those rockets seem faster in this map =P

To start you off.

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