Vertical Progression

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-06-29
Last Modified 2009-06-29
by 29 people.
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This map was featured on 2009-11-17

Vertical Progression is a pretty suitable name for this map. As you progress vertically down the map, it progresses in gameplay, style and mechanics. The gold pattern, (and it is just that, a pattern in gold,) works very well with the interlocking tiles. It all adds up to make me feel that this map is as complete as a map can get; all the pieces fit and every piece is in its right place. — lord_day

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Demo Data




so isn't going to stop in a while?

atob's comment ftw

even if that could be directed at me too ;__;
reviewers will stop featuring them.

You want you map featured? Get better with NED!
The gameplay was alright, but nothing incredible. The progression seemed a bit off as well; I honestly found the bottom easier than the level above it.

when i went through your maps one day..


Yahoozy can just make the perfect map over and over again!

i agree with flag

always loved the way this map worked and looked, and LD, thats a perfect review.

all in all this is a wonderful feature.

Great choice, lord_day. One of my favorite maps/ideas ever.

Quite a nice feature. Yahoozy really knows what makes a map great.
I really like the subtle changes in the gameplay throughout the map.
Demo Data

Great progressions.

And some nice mechanics!
The gameplay was decent. Lovely map.


Oh dear, truly eight times? Do you think someone has a commitment problem...?

Yeah, thought so. Very nice map, by the way. Tricky, but relaxing - a good sort of repetitive.

So... hmm, tell me about these new forums, and I'll contact you about various top-secret projects, alrighty? such as the MirAculously apPrehensive PolAr caCtus King; and maybe another aCrobAtically eNdearing, DelightfulLy EGotistical and tOtally chArming Terrapin. If yo feel so inclined.

PS - My head... it is in pain.

Agree with atob.

The progressive difficulty is really neat.

Just don't like having to start over.
Demo Data

It's alright.

I like the ending. But it's pretty boring up until then.


Love love love.