02-1: Glock Nines

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Author sept
Tags author:sept featured glock great mo my nines rated
Created 2009-07-01
Last Modified 2009-07-01
by 6 people.
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Description My Great Moo.

This map was featured on 2014-09-30

I'd like to close out this month with our own eponymous member. A partial inspiration to the current NUMACon -- *cough* Curious [] *cough -- sept is more a style than a person, making maps which take multiple play-throughs and revisits to truly understand. This one might've made the Top 40 if he had wanted to go mainstream, but luckily for us he found his niche genre and perfected it. Formulated, fun, and best of all, pretty. He may not be around, but his maps will live on forever. (Hopefully.)

inb4 ...wake me up when september ends...Aidiera

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Seriously finding this tile design interesting, especially with the gaps that actually create barriers for the player. Pretty cool map 5/5
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philosophize about glocks and kis

Its a good map

anyone can play
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no demos after almost 2 days?
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his name isn't "numa"...

so deep

i guess. looks like a 2-1 beginning of an epiosde map to me.