Magic Pie

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Author The_Farman
Tags author:the_farman magicpie unrated
Created 2009-07-01
Last Modified 2009-07-01
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Map Data

Description An extraordinary guy
Can never have an ordinary day
He might live a long goodbye
But that is not for me to say
I dig his friends, I dig his shoes
He is just a child with nothing to lose
but his mind, oh, his mind

They are sleeping while they dream
But then they want to be adored
They who don't say what they mean
Will live and die by their own sword
I dig their friends, I dig their shoes
They are like a child with nothing to lose
In their minds, yeah their minds

But I'll have my way
In my own time
I'll have my say
My star will shine

Cos you see me I've got my Magic Pie
Think of me, yeah that was me I was that passer by
I've been and now I've gone

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very nice concept

some of the squeezes are tough though.

Thats pretty cool