CVII Level 7: Gardens of Madness

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags author:wordblamcreator castlevania cvii experimental level7 unrated wbc
Created 2009-07-02
Last Modified 2009-07-02
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Map Data

Description Adrian looked around... He was no longer in a room with a floating ball of rotting flesh. He stood in a garden of evil.. A garden of madness.

This map contains a feature which could change N-mapping forever! I am proud to unveil... The Cannon. This glitch will allow the ninja to travel up tubes far skinnier than the ninja himself.

Please tell me if this kind of thing has been done before, Thanks.

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it has been found before, just not as circulated as widely as , such as, one way glitches. this is the same as the stand-right-next-to-a-floorguard glitch.

Anyways, map really nice individually, got a little repetitive. 3.5/5^

It's actually possible to go through half-tiles without using any objects at all.



Man I like this level...
Demo Data

Near completion

really fun with the little modification..
Demo Data


thats fantastic xD 5


and what I think Arona_Daal meant was that going through 5 tiles has been done a lot before ex at one point the ninja goes through the 5 tiles [] but I don't think this method of going though 5 tiles has been done before and it seems to be the most useful for action maps.

Thanks for

that bit of info... I'll probably use that sometime...
just do this:
-add lauch pad
-look for it in the code
-one of the numbers should be either 1 or -1
-change that number
-and BAM! edited launchpad


but... I don't know how to edit launchpads... and I think most of us don't.


its a nice discovery but a similar canon could be made with a larger tunnel and edited launchpads so it might not be incredibly useful.


you show me a map where it has been done?

been done before

but with different methods, your's looks like the most reliable one so far though. Map was horrible, sorry, but props for the discovery.
since you made that update, i'm gonna have to bump this up to 5aved lol.


update... shouldn't affect demos.

I think

this discovery will change 'pinball' maps the most though.

Yeah I'm

wondering if I should make it easier to get through those...


take back my previous statement...nice work...5aved/5
pretty tough level, mostly because i'm really bad at getting through the hole between the doubled up one-ways. But pretty fun. I'll rate it later.


here is a demo showing the Cannon
Demo Data



The trap door

is suppose to be there.. I'll post a demo
the trap door was supposed to be there, right? or am i doing it wrong?
Post demos, comment, and rate, I want as much impute about this discovery(?) as possible.