Blood on My Hands

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable unrated
Created 2009-07-02
Last Modified 2009-07-02
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Description <Mae> Blood on My Hands

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Sub 1k AGD

My favorite recent map, other than the Shadow Castle one and recent being the 10 most recent. So make this my second favorite. It's pretty close to being on my Personal Prized maps.
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This is not hard.

I AGD'd it.


you make too many hard maps.
No AGD yet.
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Agd was hard to get though, this level looks like it's built after reading a map making tutorial.

Great. 4aved.


but not very smooth at the end.
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fmi whoo!

Hi Lightning.

I am here. I am playing your maps. The time is now.


Pretty good map

I didn't think it was too hard. Slow Completion:
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I have the most trouble just after the thwump.


oh damn

Gluttony's a sin i guess :|
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is it even possible to get the switch?