The Private Psychedelic Reel

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Author Brttrx
Tags author:brttrx brttrx featured inspired playable race rated
Created 2009-07-05
Last Modified 2009-07-05
by 27 people.
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Description Inspired and I made a map.

This map was featured on 2016-06-21

When I look back on the years I spent here, and I search back through all the old maps, old authors - Races and puzzles and adventures from another age... I remember everybody. I see their names and I remember my favourites from them. I remember that one time I did a collab and probably pushed my ideas forward too hard, or not enough. I remember eventually feeling like I knew everything about race maps.

I remember Brttrx throwing everything I thought I knew into a furnace. I remember The Private Psychedelic Reel. I remember it opening my eyes.

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good map brett
Still an honor.

lots of fun

not too hard and bucks the aesthetic trend of races.

Great map

I love the game flow here. Enemy and gold placement is on point. 5/5 great map and great feature :)
Shitty sr:
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neat stuff

Demo Data

absolutely magnificent!
Thanks for making it.


Are we going to finish our collab some time?


I guess Ill throw my demo in as well.
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greatest race Ive played in a damn long time. 5. EPIC


Demo Data

flow demo...

i didnt see the other ones...did i get it right?
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Brilliant flow

Every peice of flow was something inventive and unconventional, and the aesthetics were gorgeous, 5aved for sure.
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Thank you for the

comments people =D

ok then

let me rephrase that. This map felt awfully loopy, with a straightforward path that didn't leave much open space, unlike other races


is absolutly the best race ever o.O and i actually hate races!!!!so feel poud xD 55555aved
i thought it did look a bit messy though, especially the gold.


is kind of annoying, but sliding for a millisecond on the wall above the second launch pad gets it to forget you. I love the path and usage of thwumps and floorguards.

Super fun

Fun flow, quirky atmosphere.
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>.> you must not understand races very well
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this map is /generic/???
the flow was quite generic, the doors at the bottom looked ugly, and the first gauss kept on killing me when I did nothing wrong.


use of tiles
reasons to give a 5


Pretty fast
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I did put in the bottom floorguard and the thwump ending + slight tile tweaks.


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I like

the ending.
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like how you can completely fluke the start and corner jump off the thwump.

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Awesome, flowy and unconventional.