World Wide Warrior

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Author Njitsu
Tags action author:njitsu playable rated www
Created 2009-07-06
Last Modified 2009-07-06
by 5 people.
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Description Personally I love those drones. Dedicated to UnderTheLeaf for reminding me to think of unique concepts. :D

UPDATED: Fixed so you can't jump from the thwump up the wall there.

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I fixed

the wall there. You're not supposed to jump over those mines :p
Which is playing in debug mode with caps lock off so that each frame has to be clicked in order to proceed to the next.

What does

FBF mean?

I like

the drone and bounceblock concept, and the map in general. I didn't like the trapdoor behind the one switch though, because it made that part of the map feel too linear in my opinion. 3.5/5.


The end could've definitely been faster.
Demo Data

Nice jumping

FBF? Just asking, I can't time my jumps for shit :P
Demo Data

Almost completion

I did it when I playtested it :p

AGD is meant to be ridiculously hard; only patch of gold I've gotten so far is the bottom one.
Demo Data


I like your maps then.
all gold demo please!
Psst *UTL is my account*