Robotic Disemberment

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Author MattyMc13
Tags author:mattymc13 flow fun race rated wallclimb
Created 2009-07-07
Last Modified 2009-07-07
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Map Number 30!
I think I'd like to see some more wallclimbing in races.
A race map that took me about a day to make, I'm not that proud of it, although it is one of my most aesthetic races, in my opinion.

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from one of formica's races

I do

And i suppose that it could be incorperated smoothly into a regular race without making it a dominating theme and fit in quite well. I might try it sometime. Perhaps it could be made more interesting if the second walljump was on a wall further behind the ninja than the first one. So it feels like the ninja is jumping backwards. That sounds really confusing, i hope you know what i meant :s


Demo Data

Woo! First try

3.5/5 (4)

I liked the race all together, but I really think that the aesthetics didn't present much of an atmosphere. If you ever want to collab, pm me on the forums.
it slowed it down too much...and i think the inside tiles didn't really match the border.
some good initiative shown here though. keep on trying new things :P

Feel free.

just give credit and post a link to your map on the tileset

Don't overdo it

This was fun, but generally I don't really like basic wall climbing in races that much.

Nice to see you trying something new.


sorry... i played all your games and rated, too... but sometimes i forget to comment^^
Look at my last map (it's a ded for you).

Your freespace race as this are the better you can find :D
I think I'll probably try to incorporate more wallclimbs into races.


I kept trying to chimney lol :D

I liked this, it was kinda different. I'm not sure if the border you used was good or not, but the race was deffinately my favorite from you so far :D

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the tag

race was related to the competition to complete it in fewest frames....

Oh man all those shitty maps with the race tag are going to get our maps out of the race list and they're not rated D:

yes :D
do you think there should be more wallclimbing?

Yes you have improved aesthetically. I didn't like the wallclimbing, it was boring and slow. 3/5 :D


from my thumbnail, it looked on the verge of spammy. thanks for saying it wasn't spammy.

here's the demo

to show the proper route
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