Ode to a high-five addict

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Tags action author:ndeavour ded fun kaylab moderate rated
Created 2009-07-07
Last Modified 2009-07-07
by 16 people.
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Description If you have trouble figuring out who this is a DED for, take the nearest plastic bag and stick your head in it. Then run into the middle of the nearest road and sit down to twiddle your thumbs. If you are still having trouble after that just look at the 'Tags'.

For the one who makes us happy.


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The rest was ish.

Still, 3.5^ and faved. :3


but i fived it to try to up the 0



that made my day

thank you so much,I couldn't ask for a better map. you've done so much for me ever since I first came here. and you're defiantly the nicest person I know from NUMA. so glad you're back.

I remember him


you know,

I may not be a big fan of your style, but you're definitely a talented mapper.
Cheers to that.

i see a meth lab


I remember Kaylab

cool guy


I tried the plastic bag, and looking at the tags but that didn't help....


great combo of enemies in the areas

A ded to yourself?

For shame.


<made my kirby sad



Oh yeah sorry EP

I will jump on the collab right now.


why aren't you PMin back, i got nodin better to do
But I'm betting it's to fun.