Super Duper Ninja Whooper

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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy playable rated
Created 2005-11-04
by 16 people.
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Description Does what says on tin.

Fun and nonlinear. Should get your heart racing a little.

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phew... it was quite though to make an estrategy to complete the AGD.. but, you know, im too good.


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I'm hardly gonna complain at a 4. But when I cared about ratings, giving me a 1 or something would have got to me a bit. Because all it takes is a few idiots to ruin the prize for your careful effort. And there seem to be a plentiful supply of those about ;)


I didn't love it, really. It was fun, albeit slightly generic, but it wasn't exactly my cuppa tea. However, I totally appreciate the fact that it's very well-made, and thus you get a four.

I actually rated this a while ago, but seeing your reaction on the forums, I realized I probably should have commented.


You asked for it. Here's another demo.
Just a little bit faster.
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A demo! Fantastic! How about some more :)


Yep. Faster.

Oh, wait. No demos yet. Until now, that is.

The level:

Oh, btw: 5/5
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and favourited. Let us hope this lasts as number two, and doesn't get sniped by some jerk.

*sits and waits for jerk snipers, with a shotgun on his lap*

No jerk snipers know... myeh he he.... what're you going to snipe... WHEN YOU HAVE NO LEGS?!!!

*slowly looses sanity*


Thanks for letting me know :)


By the way, "Tetra Sync" is the third top-rated map.


I was really aiming to make this easier than my other maps, but when someone tells me it's hard, even though I think it's easy, I don't argue, because I don't know how I would play the map if I never made it/saw it. Thanks for the feedback!


I was in a hurry. Turns out I'm not going anywhere. About the map: It wasn't that hard (which is good sometimes) not only that but it felt -dangerous- (which is always good).


Yeah it's kinda hard, but it takes a few plays to realize your options, timing-wise.

That's two 4.5's, just waiting for the phantom rater to drop in...

4.5, again

The unusual design is very appealing, and so is the nonlinearity. It was very hard though, maybe a bit too hard (or maybe it's me who's too tired).