Subterranean Homesick Blues

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Tags action agd author:iwbtninja fun hard rated
Created 2009-07-07
Last Modified 2009-07-07
by 7 people.
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Description This is one of my best maps so RCE.

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my horrible demo does this map no justice, nice work :]
Demo Data

sure, could you start a tileset, do you have msn, aim, or yahoo?
i was checkin out your maps.
me like 4/5
And also with Maximo, there's just a bit much going on this map. It's still fun and well put together. I especially like the drone room and the top left chaingun. 4/5


Most of mine aren't that good, I'm starting to make better maps now though :P
I might have to return the favor.
Pretty much all of the objects are used to make the gameplay I wanted
Also I agree with maximo, it's just too long, and not fun to agd it. But yeah, I liked the concept, the way map is crafted.
I'll keep the length in mind for my next map. Glad you liked it!

I, too,

agree with maximo.
You're getting good at this.


agree with maximo

This is good

each part is expertly crafted, very fun and the overall feel is consistent. But it's too damn long. I see this happen to a lot of great map ideas, but honestly, there is no way to get through this without hating yourself for an hour or so, let alone all gold it.

It's a well designed map, very well in fact. Just too much precision required for too long. I felt like i needed a check point halfway through and I didn't get one.