He Created Destruction

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Author RandomDigits
Tags author:randomdigits featured hand hard jumper mine minejumper rated
Created 2009-07-09
Last Modified 2009-07-09
by 12 people.
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Description Currently taking a break :D
I mostly made this for the hand...
But I like how it plays too. It's hard.
Playtested by Radium, Seneschal, van, Meta_Ing, moh and others in #n-highscores.
RCE, go for agd. Or completion.
Demos appreciated.

This map was featured on 2015-03-03

Opposites are meaningless without each other. Where is the joy in life when there is no death ahead of us? Where is the fulfilment of success if failure is not even an option? Where is the marvel at creation if we are not aware of its frailty? Truly, opposites need each other; one is always worthless without the other.

With that in mind, he created destruction. And he saw that it was good. — lifdoff

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all good

something different :) we haven't had a legit minejumper in a while...
Thanks a lot mate. :P


All Death Demo
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I need to make easier maps too XD

All golds

Demo Data


I've only got past that part a few times ;-;

I liked it alot. Except the gold.
Demo Data

I guess.

But I'm tired of my usual gold.

I prefer

Seneschal, but w/e.
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